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Do I Need a Consumer Lawyer?

Almost all of us are consumers. A consumer is anyone who buys things for personal and not commercial use, such as a cup of coffee, a car, or a college education. Sometimes we pay cash, but often we use a credit card or money borrowed from a bank or other lender.

Sometimes the things we buy are different from what we expected, such as the “like- new” used car which needs major repairs. A consumer lawyer can advise you of your legal options.

Most of us want to pay our bills. But sometimes the unexpected strikes: we lose our job; a loved-one needs costly medical care; divorce. After such events, we might fall behind on our bills or even stop paying them altogether.

When we stop paying our bills, our credit score tanks. Debt collectors start writing and calling; our debts are sold, and the companies that buy them bring suits to collect them; our car or truck is repossessed, and the house foreclosed on. Throughout, we may be getting annoying robocalls.

These actions are not necessarily illegal. But, depending on how they are performed, they may violate one or more state or federal laws intended to protect consumers. A consumer lawyer can advise you whether laws were violated and, if so, what your legal options are.

Why Greene Consumer Law?

Greene Consumer Law can't prevent the unexpected; nor make your debts disappear.

But Greene Consumer Law may be able to help you if:

  • a debt collector crosses a legal line in either a letter or a phone call.
  • if a debt collector or anyone else robocalls without your consent.
  • if you are sued by a debt buyer.
  • if your car or truck is repossessed or an automobile dealer promises you a financing deal it fails to deliver.
  • if you are the victim of identity theft; or if inaccurate information on your credit report leads an employer not to hire you; a landlord not to rent to you; or a lender or insurance company not to offer its best interest rate or premium to you. 

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You Can Trust Greene Consumer Law With Your Consumer Legal Issues

Greene Consumer Law knows your rights as a consumer and, if those rights are violated, will work hard to obtain a remedy under applicable state and federal consumer protection laws.






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